Children's Home

We’ve established a children’s home in Njeru in 2009. Orphan houseThereafter we moved to Bukaya. It wasn’t long before the setting became too small and in 2011 we built our own house in Butema Village, not too far from Jinja, a city in South-East Uganda.

We accommodate a maximum of 15 children to ensure the house remains small and intimate and to allow the children to grow up in a family-oriented situation with Suzan and Zenon as the foster parents.

The children’s backgrounds and situations differ extensively, but they’ve all endured challenging experiences and are often traumatised when they arrive at our home. Many children were left uncared for and have mental or medical illnesses, e.g. HIV. We also care for children with physical and intellectual limitations. These children are often not welcomed or even accepted at other children’s homes. Together with the local social workers these children are afforded the opportunity to grow up in a Christian home without losing sight of the Ugandan culture and traditions.

Would you like to support the children of the children’s home? You are most welcome to become a friend of our children – from €5 per month. Click here for more information.