ANBI status

ANBI / PBO Status

ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) or Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) Status.

The Home Sweet Home Foundation is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO).

That entails, amongst others that the foundation adheres to strict conditions in regards to the provision of information and the transparency of the objectives, policies and financial responsibilities on the spending of received donations.

Home Sweet Home’s ANBI status enables you to deduct your contribution from your dutch income tax (personal contribution) or dutch corporate income tax (company contribution).

More information on this is available under the ‘”Fiscally Deductible Donations” section of the “Help Us” menu item.

The following information might be useful to you:

Name:                                   Stichting Home Sweet Home
RSIN/Fiscal code:                 8193 82 723
Assigned ANBI (PBO) nr.:     57024
Commercial Registration nr.:17226690
Contact details:                     Stichting Home Sweet Home
                                              p.a. Dhr. J.J.M. Tempelaars
                                              Maashaven 178 TE
                                              6041 TB  Roermond

Please note there is no remuneration policy – the foundation makes use of volunteers in the Netherlands.

Any costs incurred by volunteers are in principle not reimbursed since the financial situation of the foundation does not allow it.

Home Sweet Home can however assist to provide a written declaration of the contribution to a contributor/donator.

 On our website you can also find information on:
           · The composition of the management team of Home Sweet Home;
           · The objectives;
           · The policies;
           · The financial responsibilities (yearly financial statements); and
           · The completed initiatives (also via Facebook and the newsletters sent to the