Care Farm

Care Farm Home Sweet Home has a small farm where some children from the children’s home and the day care can work and learn simultaneously. By learning practical self-sustaining type skills, like care for farm animals and/or work on a farm/field, the children can be better equipped for their future. It is not only important for these children to develop themselves to the best of their abilities, but to also be “examples” to their parents and community on how to utilise their acquired skills to contribute to their community despite their disabilities.

In the mornings the children care for the animals, clean the cages and attend lessons (in the day care building) about working on a farm/field. In the afternoon the fields are prepared, seeds are sown and planted, weeds are removed and available produce are harvested and dried if applicable.

Would you like to support the children of the care farm? You are most welcome to become a friend of Home Sweet Home Care Farm – from €5 per month. Click here for more information.